Born in:

Former/other bands/projects:

  • Samsara Circle (Dusseldorf, Germany) – until 2020


  • Skervesen Guitars
  • Schultz Guitars
  • Driftwood Purple Nightmare
  • NeuralDSP QuadCortex
  • Peavey 4×12 TripleXXX


aka Eike “Romeo Knight” Steffen joined “Drown in Embers” in 2022.

Eike started his musical career as part of the “demo scene” where he did multiple compositions for Amiga and later the PC game industry. Meanwhile he also played bass and guitar in multiple bands. One of his last bands before joining “Drown in Embers” was “Samsara Circle” which split up in 2020.

A few days after “Drown in Embers” started to search for a new guitarist, he instantly took the chance to apply.

It only took about three rehearsals to convince the band, that he was the guy they were looking for. So, he joined the band in 2022.

Being a sound engineer with lots of experience in production and recording, Eike is responsible for all the recording stuff for “Drown in Embers” which can be heard in his first production for the band called “Cyclus” (release date: March 4th 2024).