Born in:

Former/other bands/projects:

  • Fool the Masses (Oberhausen, Germany) – 2022-2023


  • Shure SM58 x


aka Nikita Kabakov joined “Drown in Embers” in 2018.

In 2010 Nicky whitnessed his very first metal live show in the once legendary Cologne club “Underground”. In the screams and shouts, the heavy and precise instrumentals, the moshpits he had found his home.

Shortly after he decided that he wanted to be part of the scene he began to practice his vocals. After about two years of practice Nicky joined his first project. After only one live performance the project fell apart in 2014 due to differing style preferences. After multiple such attempts in 2015 and 2016 an ad showed up proclaiming that “Drown in Embers” was looking for a vocalist.

Leveraging some of his still persisting contacts from the past projects a demo was recorded and submitted. Even though the style of the demo differed vastly from the single “Infinity declined” which “Drown in Embers” had released earlier, Nicky was invited to a rehearsal. The chemistry with the band was there immediately and Nicky joined the band as their new vocalist.

After the release of their first album “Remembrance of the Argonaut” and pausing due to the pandemic, in 2022 “Drown in Embers” performed as support for the band “Fool The Masses”, which approached Nicky afterwards and suggested a collaboration. Nicky joined “Fool The Masses” as a side project for almost a year before returning all of his attention to “Drown in Embers” and contributing his part to the second release of the band, the single “Cyclus”.

For “Drown in Embers” Nicky is responsible for most of the lyrics and some logistics for live shows.