Born in:

Former/other bands/projects:

  • Exchased (Dusseldorf, Germany) – until 2008
  • Dyed In Grey (New York, USA) – until 2015


  • Gutierrez Guitars
  • D’Addario Strings
  • Kemper Profiler Head Black
  • ENGL 4×12 Cabinet


aka Peter Lützeler is one of the founders of “Drown in Embers”.

Shortly after picking up the guitar as his main instrument, he founded his first band “Exchased” together with some school friends in 1996 which lasted until the tragical death of guitarist Burkhard Zeller in 2008.

He then moved to New York and founded the band “Dyed in Grey” with a friend he met there shortly after arriving. The band released their first album “The Abandoned Part” in 2013 after Pete had already returned to Germany. Pete also recorded the guitar for the band’s second album “The Forgotten Sequence” from Germany as well as in the US, which was released in 2015.

Pete, Reini and Martin came back together to see if their musical ideas still matched enough to form a new band.

A few meetings later “Drown in Embers” was founded.

For “Drown in Embers”, Pete is responsible for most of the initial songwriting.