Born in:

Former/other bands/projects:

  • Stadtwerke (Detmold, Germany) – until 1998
  • The Merry Sigh of Hell (Detmold, Germany) – until 1998
  • Green Overdoze (Dusseldorf, Germany) – until 2000
  • Exchased (Dusseldorf, Germany) – until 2008
  • Rockin’ 1000 (Cesena, Italy) – since 2017


  • Ibanez BTB Premium 6-String
  • Schack Unique Custom 4-String
  • D’Addario Pro Steel Strings (32-130)
  • Line6 HX Stomp


aka Reinhart Redel is one of the founders of “Drown in Embers”.

After his move to Dusseldorf for attending university he had to break up with the bands from schooltime in Detmold.

Shortly after arriving in Dusseldorf, he found his first there located band called “Green Overdoze”.

After the band split up, he met Pete at the university, who he already knew well, since Pete’s brother was the guitarist of “Green Overdoze” who shared the rehearsal room with Pete’s band “Exchased”. Shortly thereafter he joined “Exchased” where he also got to play with Martin who was the drummer in that band.

When “Exchased” decided to split up after the tragical death of guitarist Burkhard Zeller, it was unclear at first, if there would ever be a reunion with some of the former band members of “Exchased”. Also because Pete moved to New York shortly after the split.

A few years later, after Pete returned to Dusseldorf, Pete, Martin and Reini came together to see if their musical ideas still matched enough to form a new band.

A few meetings later “Drown in Embers” was founded.

For “Drown in Embers”, Reini is also responsible for most of the management and for the tech in the rehearsal room and at shows.